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Mercedes 'Benni Harding' Wadley is nothing short of a New Age Renaissance Woman. At a very young age she fell in love with Fashion and Beauty. Admiring Artists like Michael Jackson and growing an appreciation for his Glittery Socks and Gloves she knew one day she wanted to shine like him. Once in school, Benni studied Fashion Design, Graphic Art, Figurative Fashion Drawing, How to cut, Sew and so much more. Her studies led her to the Organization of  'The Trendsetter Club', a place where been and her peers could express themselves freely with Visual Art, Performance and Fashion. Benni Hosted her last Fashion Showcase in February 2009 a week before leaving her home in Mercer County, New Jersey and relocating in Maryland. Benni had plans to attend Art School in Philadelphia for Fashion Design and Merchandising but swiftly found herself joining the work force as she was faced with several hardships. After years of her Dream being placed on hold, Benni found her passion for Fashion reignited. Studying Luxury designers who inspire her like Chanel, YSL, Prada and Louis Vuitton to name a few, Benni chose to create her LUCK and start her brand we NOW know as LUCKY1020!

Favorite Quote: 'Yesterday's wins won't Win today's game'- Fabolous

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