Frequently asked questions

Site & Facility Layout + Design

We'll work with indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor operations, helping to design the ENTIRE production site. This includes full site layouts, production systems design, basic electrical layouts, storage and organization plans, supporting facility planning, and a lot more.

Crop Production Consulting & Optimization

It doesn't matter what your growing, we have experience in all types of crop production. From soybeans to cannabis, we're used to working with a wide range of crops and varieties, helping our clients to troubleshoot and optimize any production process.

Site & Systems Maintenance

There is no escaping the need for consistent maintenance with your site and systems. From facility sterilization to systems & equipment troubleshooting, we cover most types of production related maintenance. Whether you need routine services or the occasional inspection, we can help!

Environmental Control Systems & Design

Environmental control is a critical component of indoor and greenhouse production! From lighting and temperature to humidity control and air flow, we can help you create an environment that is ideal for your crop and production environment.

Nutrition Program Services

We help our clients develop simple and effective nutrition programs that allow crops to thrive without breaking the bank. Additionally, we specialize in injector system installations which allow growers to precisely dose nutrients, PH buffers, feed-water sterilizers, and IPM treatments. Ask us for more info.

General Management & Technician Services

Need help managing any unique production related project or process? We can help! We are experienced project and process managers that can help your business with a variety of unique projects! When you need it done right the first time, give us a call!

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